Methodology and Excellent Workmanship

Is your family growing while your personal space is getting less? Do you need more space, a larger kitchen, an additional bathroom, outside rooms or garage? All work that includes plumbing and electrical work are available from the Cobine family experts. Our work is underpinned by customer-centric methodology and a pledge of excellent workmanship.


Interior and Exterior 3D Drawings

Our team of graphic designers bring your proposed ideas to life with magnificent exterior and interior 3D drawings of your proposed extension. We allow you to plan and change the end result upfront with the needed detail as many times as you wish. Only once you are satisfied will we proceed with the final draft and present you with the final graphics.

We enable you to visualize the extension from the wall and ceiling finishes, tiles, colour schemes, exterior and interior design that you have in mind. We take your inspiration and build upon it and if you do not have any idea but looking towards our design experts, we will surely design until you find what you are looking for in the ultimate extension of your home.


Years of Experience

Years of experience allows us to know that any form of building, especially extensions can be both stressful and exciting at the same time. We work closely with each client and take the time to listen intently and do not stop until we understand every aspect of the proposed extension to ensure the home is perfect.

Cobine has a primary goal and that is customer satisfaction and the goal extend further which is to make the project as efficient, seamless and cost-effective as possible while maintaining excellent quality and workmanship.

Detail oriented

Meticulous Attention to Detail

While keeping our eye on your budget, we source only the best possible materials and contractors. Each one of our clients enjoys meticulous attention to detail while we provide innovative solutions. Our extensions include small- and large-scale projects, modern design and period style homes, single and double story, additional rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, granny flats, etc.
Cobine eliminates the need to find a designer and builder as we give you an extension package that comprises of the entire process. Come to us and we consult with you from the initial contact throughout the design, budget management and identifying the number of doors, windows, tiles, etc. as you can.
We invite you to extend up, down or sideways and when you need to preserve yard space and prefer not to minimize the area, we suggest investigating the probability of extending up or down. When you have adequate yard space, extending sideways can create a larger home as you need without impacting the existing home.

Grow Your

Home As Your Family Grows

There is no need to buy a bigger home when you love your house. When your family grows and needs change, an extension is a great option and we work with you to achieve the desired outcome. We work tirelessly to enhance your home’s kerb appeal while creating additional space or storage as you desire.

You would be surprised what the right and best-executed extension can do for your home; it can create new outdoor entertaining areas, open up your home, upsize and extend out existing spaces by adding balconies, walk-in wardrobes, adding ensuite and much more.

Contact our design experts that will arrange an on-site consultation to discuss your home extension plan.


Our builders can guide you through the process of creating your dream project. And being a family business you talk with the team that does the job. Reach out to us for no obligation advice and quotes.