A Committed

Team of Building Experts

Cobine is more than a construction company. We are a committed team of building experts that specialize in new design, building excellence and world-class customer service. Consisting of a forum of craftsmen and designers that express their finest skills and talent to create works of art to live in for generations. As a family-owned building and construction company, we understand only too well the dynamic of families and the value of a new home.

Maximizing the

Full Potential of Properties

We understand individualism and that everyone has a different vision of what the perfect home looks like. Each person has a unique picture of what they want their home to represent but the fact is that they want more than four walls of a house, but a home which is their ultimate sanctuary.

We understand that the finer detail goes a long way in designing a new home that is an ultimate breathtaking living environment. We keep that in mind to maximize the full potential of every property designed. We help you to create the home that suits your taste and style without allowing you to be overwhelmed by choices ranging from building style to size, from products to colours.


3 Step Process

The number of information to process and choices to consider could be overwhelming but that is only until you meet up with our team. We take you through our three-step process that includes;

We also have procedures and systems in place that include emails, calls, checklists, personal visits and full reports that ensure your building project remains organized and on track. Our team has the passion and resources to orchestrate any complicated design technology and element for you to enjoy the creative process.

Our new home design and building process differ from industry standards. Cobine was founded on the idea that excellent customer service lacks in the building industry. Irrespective of the new home project size, our entire team works tirelessly with you to realize your dream home and ready to answer any questions regarding your proposed home.

We are part of the exciting and fulfilling life journey which is designing and building your home. We take each new home project to heart and make sure that you will be able to live the difference each time that you walk through the front door of your new home.


Commitment To You

Our goal is to design and construct new homes of the highest quality. We are proud to be a family-owned home building company working with industry-leading interior designers to make your dream home a reality. Our construction team have long-lasting, strong relationships with every one of our building partners that will last a lifetime.

Our own expert team and range of experts have the professional expertise to guide you on all of your building decisions. We take your budget to heart and keep within your desired budget without compromising on quality. We take your design or idea and transform it into a workable project to be able to bring your dream to life before your eyes.

Contact Cobine when you are ready to plan your new home and we will assist you with our professional expertise.


Our builders can guide you through the process of creating your dream project. And being a family business you talk with the team that does the job. Reach out to us for no obligation advice and quotes.