We Match Your Vision of

What a Home Should Be

Is it your dream to elevate your home to a different level? Are you considering a renovation, buildout or remodel? Do you set high standards for yourself and your home and looking for a company that matches your vision of what a home should be? When your answer is yes to any one of these, then we are the renovations company you seek. Cobine specializes in renovations and has worked extensively on some of the area’s finest homes.

While we design and build a new home as well as extensions, our renovations will bring new life into a home. With excellence, longevity and high quality we offer value for money. At the same time do we know that a deceptively cheap quote is not what our clients are looking for.

Affordability without

Compromising on Quality

We give you an affordable solution without compromising on quality or workmanship. When we give you a final quote, you do not get an additional surprise as we progress or deliver your final invoice. Cobine work with your designers, or you can choose to make use of our inhouse team. We have the experience and expertise to rethink and redesign your entire home.

Our team specialize in renovation and is renowned for the highest level of craftsmanship from going from one to two stories, larger living room, new bathroom, large kitchen and more to make your renovations a reality.

Cobine specializes in breathing new life into your existing home. The team of Cobine possesses an extraordinary level of professionalism and personal service which each one of our customers appreciates.

Stress-free and

Positive Renovation Projects

Each time that you engage with one of us, you experience respect and professionalism from the initial consultation throughout the renovation project. We go out of our way to ensure the renovation unfolds smoothly and that you experience a stress-free and positive renovation project. Our renovation process starts with design followed by the quote and finally construction.

Throughout the process, we help you to understand our renovation process from beginning to end. Without compromising on quality and expert workmanship, we work speedily and professionally with the minimum amount of disruption to you and your family.


A Commitment to Excellence

Each home renovation we have completed stands as an impressive testimony to our commitment to excellence. Our satisfaction lies in the knowledge that we do not build and renovate houses but creating a home to deserving owners and families.

Contact us today for your proposed renovation project and we will be happy to do an on-site consultation.


Our builders can guide you through the process of creating your dream project. And being a family business you talk with the team that does the job. Reach out to us for no obligation advice and quotes.